Yellow Ball High Performance Academy
(Ages 11 and Up)

This clinic is for the tournament level tennis player who has the desire to play college tennis and has demonstrated a strong work ethic on the practice court and in matches.  Clinics will consist of drills, point based play (cooperative and competitive), match play, mental toughness, footwork, and fitness.  
It is recommended that you attend at least 2 days/week. 

 This class is offered 3 times per week.  $300 is set fee for the class. Once you have enrolled, you will be invoiced the fee of $300. Participant will receive a punch card for 10 classes at first class.  Each participant will be responsible for bringing their own card to class (I recommend keeping it in your tennis bag).  At the time of each class the card will be punched. Once you have received 10 punches you will then need to purchase a new punch card.  If you are not able to present your punch card you will need to pay the clinic fee of $35 in order to participate that day. This is not a drop in class or rate! Participants need to be accountable and responsible for their tennis belongings. 

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