2018 Summer Camp Program

Munchkins & Future stars - July 9 - 13

9:00AM - 12:00PM

Kids need a tennis ball that is sized and paced to age and ability. Low-compression balls are designed to bounce lower and move slower through the air, giving kids more time to get ready for the next shot and allowing them to strike the ball at a comfortable height. This helps build confidence and develop an enjoyment of the game. All classes will be divided into age and ability appropriate groups.  Our juniors will develop not only tennis skills, but the athletic skills necessary to improve in any sport they choose to play.

Please bring a snack and water


Green Ball Beginner/Intermediate - July 9 - 13

1:00 - 4:00PM

This class is designed for the green ball player who has shown interest in tennis as a sport, has the athletic ability, and is ready to transition into the Junior Elite Academy.  Each player must be able to:

- Rally, serve, and keep score

-Work on more advanced tennis specific footwork

-Work on learning and executing patterns of play, basic tennis strategy, and preparing players for tournament play outside of the Tennis Club