This class is for kids ages 4-7 years with little or no tennis experience.  In this class, participants will be introduced to many of the basic athletic skills needed for tennis.  Our focus will be on introducing as well as developing throwing/sending and catching/receiving skills that are needed for the introduction of basic tennis stroke mechanics.  In addition to throwing and catching, we will also introduce and begin the development of basic tennis footwork.  Footwork patterns will be intorduced through balance, speed, and agility drills and games.  The duration of the class is 1 hour.  In that hour all skills will be taught in an enthusiatsic environment that consists of cooperative, team, and individual games.
Classes will resume late August!

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Instead of offering session based programming we are moving to a "punch card" system.  Each punch card purchased is good for 10 clinics, however, the punch card will have an expiration date (12 clinic weeks from the date purchased). Enrollment will remain the same online.  The first day of scheduled clinic you will receive your punch card and you will need to bring each week to class.  Our staff will punch your card upon arrival. After collecting 10 punches it is then time to purchase another card.  This system will allow some flexibility and keep our enrollment rolling throughout the year.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Summer Camp

July 8th-12th


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